Student's testimonials

Portrait by Babak Motaref
Taking singing lessons from Friederike is a real pleasure. As a professional singer she has a rich experience of practical and theoretical vocal techniques and singing exercises which she individually customises to her students. In the shortest period of time I learned a lot and I am able to implement this while singing in a concert choir. Furthermore I especially appreciate as a non-professional singer her friendly attitude and her capacity to simultaneously create a productive and relaxed atmosphere. Tina Tripp, film director
Tina Tripp, Regisseurin
Friederike is an excellent teacher who takes the time to really nurture a student’s voice. She’s an exacting musician who sets a high standard but she’s also sensitive and encouraging. Lessons with her have unlocked my voice and restored my confidence.  Jenny Hill
Jenny Hill
Friederike is a skilful and flexible voice teacher, who blends an impeccable knowledge of technique with an intense sensitivity for the music. She is exacting while being kind, unwavering in her high expectations while teaching with humor and gentleness. We spent many hours during the COVID pandemic working via Zoom on technique. She taught me how to transform and strengthen my voice, extended my range and gave me the confidence to sing solos. A student of Friederike is in for a treat. Marc Turpin, Berlin
Marc Turpin
I highly appreciate the voice lessons with Friederike Harmsen, because she meets me where I am technically in a very respectful way. She conveys the right vocal technique based on her profound expertise very vividly and with great ease. Friederike also accompanies me on my musical path, when I am preparing songs I want to perform accompanying myself on my ukulele. Her voice lessons help me to achieve a large positive before-and-after-effect. I am already looking forward to my next lesson. Ulrike Buck
Ulrike Buck
With Friederike I have fulfilled a long cherished wish to having vocal coaching. I experienced her expertise during the vocal training she did with our choir. In my individual lessons her vast knowledge about voice has been confirmed. She is extremely sensitive and takes away my hesitancy to try out new things for myself. Therefore it is possible even for me as ‚young old lady’, to attack the notes right away and to hit high soprano notes without effort and thus to sing with joy. Mention should also be made of her support during the pandemic and afterwards if necessary in teaching via Zoom or FaceTime. Marianne Meinherz 
Marianne Meinherz
Friederike Harmsen is a humorous, encouraging and very imaginative teacher. She has helped me build a bridge to my voice. I am now more familiar with my capabilities and limitations and I don’t become hoarse while singing any more. I am learning immeasurably and have a much better feel for placing the voice properly, lifting the soft palate and opening up the vocal tract. These concepts and much more are familiar to me now and I can work to improve them. As a non professional, it is amazing, to be taught by such a professional singer and voice teacher. Doris B., Berlin
Doris B. aus Berlin
I started vocal coaching with Friederike in a small group at a choir rehearsal. From others that had already participated I heard very positive and enthusiastic feedback. I was also amazed. And now I am very happy to have individual voice lessons with her. Thanks to the her technique and exercises, I feel more and more secure and confident with my voice. She also makes me feel that I still have much to achieve. It would be amazing to be able to sing half as well as she does. It is great fun communicating with her, because she is such a warm, open and friendly person. Nina Kimnach
Nina Kimnach